Meet and Greet

We put People before Players

We make it a point to meet with our beloved players whenever possible! We like to get to know the people who take the time to play our games and contribute to our vibrant community. Although we are able to communicate with each other via chat rooms, email and phone, there is nothing quite like good old fashioned face-to-face contact!

Life is about give and take. Therefore, we believe it’s important to show our appreciation and value those who value us! Our Meet & Greets typically involve a delicious full on VIP dinner in an exciting location.  We take these opportunities spend time with all of our precious attendees and hear their valuable opinions and feedback. While we’re at it, we like to have a giggle or two as well!

Here are just a couple reviews from players who attended our previous Meet & Greet events:

"Thank you for the invite, it was a very good and interesting night, I really enjoyed meeting all the other people especially the Managers at Joy Gem!"

"I also enjoyed giving the feedback and will continue to do so. Thanks for the photo! And please thank the team that was there, the meal was lovely also!"

"Thank you Wink and Joy Gem for a lovely meal out last night. Met some very nice people from the Joy Gem team and also met some players. It was nice to put a face to some players I chat with in the rooms."